A Post-Digital Communication Agency


We are an idea factory. We find and give life to ideas tailored for a world fundamentally altered by the digital experience.

Today people are better informed, more demanding, more critical. Inundated by empty messaging, they are increasingly skeptical of advertising.


It is time to give people real things. Things to see, to feel, to hear. Images that elevate them. Relevant actions not just words.


Conscious of this new reality, we create communication that steers clear of established codes across all media: digital (sites, social media, campaigns), print, film, and in-store installations.

Break The Rules.


We grew up in digital. We understand the new rules of the game and we apply them to communication no matter what the medium:


Don’t bullshit.
Never assume people want to listen to you.
Respect people’s intelligence.
Make yourself useful.
Surprise people.


Our ambition: help you decide what to say and more importantly, how to say it in the impactful way possible.



Christine Santarelli and Christopher Oldcorn have been working together for almost ten years now. Together they have crafted digital strategies and their creative incarnations for companies as diverse as Rolex, Van Cleef & Arpels, Nike, Levi’s, and PlayStation. Uncompromising – especially with themselves – they share an almost fanatical desire to produce creatively innovative work that respects the intelligence of the people to whom they speak.



Christine Santarelli began her career in interactive in 1996 and, in 1999, co-founded Duke, then Santarelli and CO in 2011. Her creative vision constantly pushes the limits of digital, moving from what is possible to what should be possible.



Christopher Oldcorn has explored “writing” in all its forms for over two decades. Whether creating independent feature films, programming and promotional spots for MTV networks, or digital brand experiences, he’s always managed to find and give form to ideas that take advantage of the “language” of each medium. Prior to the founding of Santarelli and CO, he collaborated closely with Christine as Creative Director at Duke.